Benefits of creating your own CMS

Should I create my own content management system or use one of the existing systems such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal? This question has popped in the head of practically any developer that has made websites for clients for some time.

If the answer was as simple as “You should always make your own CMS because each user has different specifications for their projects” or “You should always use an existing CMS system because they are much more polished and you can find all functionality needed for 90% of websites there”.

In reality, which type of system will be the best will depend on the project you are developing. And even if you are going to use an existing system, you will still have to choose between lots of different systems to find the best one for the project.

Next we will list all the benefits of creating you own content management system instead of using some of the existing systems such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.

Benefits of creating your own content management system:

  • Control of all aspects of the system – the largest benefit of creating a content management system is that you can create such a system where you can control all parts, modules, building blocks and other parts of the system. Whenever there will be a need to change anything in the system, you will have an in-depth knowledge to implement these changes as soon as possible, while if using an existing CMS will take much more time, while you dive into the code to make the necessary changes.
  • Easier to make any changes – While developing a website or system for client, they will often change their minds about the functionality they want to see on the site. To keep up with these requirements of clients, you need to know the system form a to z. Client will want to see these changes implemented as fast as possible, and if you don’t know the system you are using well, you won’t be able to implement changes quickly.
  • Easier to adapt the system for needs of a client – While existing CMS systems may be better to develop smaller sites that all have pretty much the same structure, if your project will require much more complex structure, using an existing CMS will quickly turn from an advantage to a disadvantage. This is why you should make a project specification document before you even start to consider which type of CMS to use, because if the project will have many specifications that go out of the scope of existing CMS, it may be more wise to create your own content management system, which is going to be longer, but at the end, you will get more personalised, quicker and in some occasions even a safer system.

In the next article we will be looking at benefits of suing an existing CMS system, so you can choose which road to go on when developing your next web based project to save time, money and satisfy needs of your client.