Benefits of using an existing CMS

In the previous article we looked at the benefits of developing your own content management system. In this article we will consider why and when it is better to choose one of the existing CMS such as WordPress or more complex ones such as Joomla and Drupal.

Benefits of using an existing content management system:

  • Improved safety – The first point we will look at is safety, which is often one of the most important things to consider when developing a project, especially if some sort of payments are included in the system. The truth with the safety of the system is simple – if you know what you are doing you can create as safe or in some occasions even safer system than an existing CMS. But if you have any doubts or don’t have enough knowledge about safety aspects of the web, than you should definitely choose an existing system for your project, where hundreds of developers have created as safe system as possible. However, there have been some reports that even the largest systems such as WordPress have been hacked, but these faults are always addressed and fixed as soon as possible.
  • Well tested code by many hundreds of developers – One of the best features of using an existing CMS is that the code has been created and tested by hundreds of experienced developers, so it contains practically no faults and errors that users might accidentally find while using the system.
  • Different modules that makes developing process much quicker – Practically all content management systems have different modules made by core developers and any other programmer that works with the system. In some systems these are called modules, in others plugins, but the reason behind all of them is the same, to make developing process faster and easier, so you don’t have to program the same functionality over and over again, that has been programmed previously by hundreds of developers.
  • Good documentation and support from developers and many tutorials on the web – While developing your own content management system will give you a lot more knowledge in the working principles of the system, if you will need to go back to the project few years later, chances are you won’t remember most of the stuff you have programmed, which will make implementation of changes much more time consuming. The only thing you can do is well document you code, but in the reality, small part of developers do so. Existing CMS systems, on the other hand, have very well documented code and there are lots of examples and tutorials on the web, and if your problem lies deeper that any guide or tutorial goes, you can always ask for help from one of many developers of the system and they will be glad to help you at their free time.
  • Easier and faster to create simple websites even without decent programming skills – It is much more easier and faster to create simple websites that consist of few building blocks such as blog section, homepage, category pages and maybe galleries. All the largest systems, such as WordPress, have these things already built in the core of the system, so you can basically install and use them without need of programming. This makes developing possible also for those, who are still learning and don’t have enough programming skills to develop their own content management system.