BrowserCMS – Ruby on Rails based CMS system

BrowserCMS is the oldest content management system made for Ruby on Rails framework. The system was developed some time ago, in 2009, when it was practically the only this type of system, and people developing for web had to either develop their own CMS system or use one based on PHP such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal. BrowserCMS is still one of the most popular Ruby on Rails CMS systems.

The system was developed by a company called BrowserMedia who are also creating and programming many other web based projects. The great aspect of BrowserCMS is that it accepts the newest versions of Ruby and Rails, which is a common problem for older Rails CMS systems.

This content management system is developed for three groups of users:

  • for people without any technical or programming knowledge, who just need to administrate the website and update the content of the site;
  • for designers that want to create beautiful websites without need of any special configurations and programming of the system;
  • for programmers that want to adapt the CMS system for existing projects or need to develop a new website using the content management system.

As developers of the BrowserCMS believe, their system is more like a premium content management system, rather than a free one when it comes to the functionality of the system, however they have made the system free for anyone to use.

The system has been developed by more than 30 developers and it also creates many updates and fixes regularly to keep the system up to date with the newest web technologies. The system provides many functions such as content management of posts and pages, option to develop themes and attaching them to certain web pages, option to develop different dynamic blocks of the website and control uploaded files, creating various groups of users and assigning them different access levels to the system and many other functions of a classical CMS.

From the developers viewpoint, BrowserCMS system is complicated at first and you need to dive into the system and documentation to understand every aspect of the system, but once you get ahold of it, it is pretty easy and intuitive to create websites on top of the system. The look and layout of administration panel is easy to understand and all tools you need are in place you would expect them to be, which makes developing pretty quick. What is very pleasant about this content management system is that all the main building blocks are easily accessible, while additional blocks that you don’t have to use too often, are hidden away, so they don’t mess around while you create a website.

In conclusion, BrowserCMS content management system is better used for creating complex websites and system with lots of different building blocks and each of which needs to be administrated separately form the system’s administration panel. But it is advised to check out the BrowserCMS even if developing less complex websites and blogs.