Pros of using a content management system

Today, it is very difficult to imagine a website that doesn’t have a content management system, because content is the main factor of world wide web today. Of course, you can still publish new content each day without a content management system, but I can guarantee it is going to much more difficult and time consuming for anyone who manages the website, either a professional or a regular person that inputs data in website.

So why are content management systems such as WordPress or Joomla so widely used to manage content of millions of webpages across the world.

Here I present you with top reasons why it is better to build a website using some sort of content management system.

Dynamic pages

Have you visited the same website more than few times in your life that didn’t update their content or blog section at all, it had the same information displayed for months and even years? Yes, me too. We are so engaged to searching and reading new content that oldschool, static websites that were common in the first 10 years after the internet went public simply cannot compete with websites that regularly (each day, few times a day or each week) publish fresh and engaging content.

While you can still publish new content without a content management system, it is going to be much more difficult and time consuming. CMS systems allow to build as much pages, posts and other type of content as you need, in a matter of seconds. They are made with both, the administrator of the website and the visitor in mind. They have been polished to the last, this is why they are so easy to use and some content management systems, such as WordPress even doesn’t require practically any skills to create pages and posts, while on a static page you would need to know at least HTML, if not PHP or another programming language.

Easy to update information

With content management system it is easy not only to create pages but also to update information on different pages, posts and other website’s sections. There are times that you need to update information as fast as possible, for example if some legal terms of your website change and you need to inform your visitors about these changes. This is where a CMS system becomes useful, as you can do it in a matter of seconds.

Better for visitors of the website

CMS systems are also better for visitors of the website, because some studies show that websites that are made on top of a content management system tend to make changes to their website, either in content, design or structure of the website much more often. And who doesn’t like changes? Visitors of a website will always welcome a change, if it makes the website better looking or easier to use. Also, publishing fresh content regularly will attract more users to the website.

Can be used for clients that don’t know how to program

Another important aspect of content management systems is that they can be used for clients that don’t have a clue how to use HTMl or some sort of programming language. If client comes to you and asks for a website where they will have a blog section and will update different pages of the website regularly, you won’t develop them a static website where they will have to go on the server and change or create new information while messing in the code of the website.

Conclusion on why you should use content management systems

These were just few arguments why you should consider using a CMS for your next project, if you aren’t still using one. The benefits of using such a system will get noticed not only by programmers, who will have much easier time developing a page on top of a CMS, but also for website administrators, who will be able to input information on the website much easily and quickly and also for the visitors of the website, who will be presented with fresh information much more constantly than on a website without CMS.