Refinery – Ruby on Rails CMS system

Refinery CMS is one of the most popular Ruby on Rails content management systems which has been downloaded by almost 500000 developers worldwide. Besides its popularity, this is also one of the best developed system and you can expect it to keep up with the newest web technologies and standards as well as the newest versions of Ruby and Rails. The system has been developed by may programmers across the world. Refinery is an open source program which can be used by anyone for free.

Refinery CMS project begin way back in 2004 when content management systems weren’t even that popular and todays largest CMS such as WordPress was at the beginning of its development. The first version of Refinery CMS was developed in 2011 and the system has come long way since then becoming more stable, more polished, faster and safer. From my experience, this is the best Ruby on Rails based content management system currently available.

The current version of Refinery CMS is 3.0, which works on top of Rails 4.2. It also has got over 3000 watchers on GitHub. The system has been developed in a way that developers using it on their projects wouldn’t have to learn the fundamentals of developing a content management system from the beginning, but they could use the knowledge and developing principles of Rails. It is very easy to integrate this system in an existing project, which is a real advantage, because with most existing content management systems, whether Ruby on Rails based or PHP based, it is very difficult and time consuming to integrate the system into an existing project and in some occasions it is even quicker to create a new project using the system rather than integrated the system into an existing project.

One of the main things that makes Refinery CMS the most popular Ruby on Rails content management system is its wide and responsive community, which is ready to help to resolve any problems you have with the project. There are over 300 developers currently involved into development of the system. In addition, there is a good amount of documentation available on their website in case you have any problems while creating projects on top of the Refinery CMS system.

From the developers standpoint, Refinery CMS main advantage is that you can easily add additional functionality to an existing system. For example, you have developed a system for your client, but few months later he comes to you and wants some new functionality to his page, for example add galleries to the page. You can quickly add a new gallery module to the system and program any functionality needed, so your client can start uploading his galleries.

Another great thing is that you can use these previously coded modules in other projects as well, making developing on top of Refinery CMS much quicker. Refinery CMS also has over 21 different languages integrated in the system, so you can use it for international projects.

All in all, this is a well made and easy to use content management system both for developers and administrators of websites and it is currently the best content management system for Ruby on Rails without any questions.