WordPress – The most popular content management system?

What is WordPress?

WordPress is free, web based program that can be use by anyone to create and maintain a website or blog. In the early days, WordPress was developed with the goal in mind to allow users to easily and quickly create blog type websites that consist of simple pages and posts. But thanks to all the work and support of the large WordPress community, it has grown from being a small blogging platform to a system used to build large variety of powerful websites.

The beginning of the WordPress platform goes all the way back to 2003 when it was developed only by few people to make daily writing tasks on a computer easier. Since then, WordPress has become the largest content management system in the world, used for million of websites.

Because WordPress is a content management system, it can be used to create large variety of websites, starting from simple blogs for publishing content, to complex e-commerce websites that serves thousands of users each month.

Here are some of the most common types of websites that can be created on the WordPress platform:

  • Blogs – Blogs are the most popular type of websites created on the WordPress platform, because they are still very popular amongst visitors and they are very easy to create, there is practically no need for programming skills, just basic knowledge of how to install WordPress platform on a server and set up a template or website’s design.
  • Business websites – These types of sites are very similar to blogs, but with a little different functionality. Business websites usually need to include some sort of information about the business, for example, what they do, how they differ form competition, their staff and contacts.
  • Portfolios – Another popular type of WordPress websites are portfolios. Portfolios are made to showcase some sort of work, either for art people such as web designers, to showcase different works, for example for architects or to show jobs made for clients, for example, for programmers. Portfolios are especially popular amongst freelancers and people who work on the web.
  • E-commerce sites – E-commerce sites are another type of websites that recently have become more and more popular on WordPress. There are certain plugins and themes that make creating these sites very easy, so many developers choose to create their e-commerce sites, such as web shops, on the WordPress platform.
  • Forums – Forums are an integral part of web and WordPress makes creating these types of sites quick and easy.

Why should you use WordPress?

  • Easy to use – WordPress is the easiest to use content management system both for developers and website administrators. You can basically create a good looking website with practically no knowledge in programming. Also, the system is developed to the last, it is good looking, intuitive and easy to understand, making content management for website administrators very convenient.
  • Easy to adapt – WordPress content management system is easy to adapt for needs of any client. It consists of different blocks such as themes, plugins and widgets, each of which is developed by the wide community of WordPress and are available to use for anyone, either for free or at some price.
  • Large community – WordPress has the largest community of any content management system, which means that there are lots of great materials, wide documentation and many tutorials available on the internet. This makes developing on WordPress much easier also for newbies.