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WordPress is the single largest Content management system in the world with over 70 million active websites. WordPress was started in 2003 and from that point it has expanded to be the single biggest platform for website development and management. About 10% to 30% of all the websites that are available in the world are hosted on WordPress and knowing how large is the internet you can now realize how massive this platform is.

WordPress is an open source software and that means that anyone can download modify and use this software how they please. This has allowed WordPress to become the single most important platform because it is free and you can start a website in just a couple of minutes. But that does not mean that WordPress is only created for small websites because some of the biggest websites in the world use WordPress as their CMS platform and because it is free those websites were started without spending a dime.

WordPress software is written in PHP and HTMl codes and there is a one click install created that will install this software on your web server in just a couple of seconds. Because of the CMS capabilities you don’t need to know any programming languages or things about web servers to create your own website and if this wasn’t the case I doubt that 70 million people would have chosen WordPress as their main platform. Because WordPress platform uses PHP, HTML and MySQL databases and all these things are the industry standard for web development there are very few servers that will not host WordPress websites on them and even if your server does not allow WordPress installation you can always choose a different web server.

WordPress.com vs wordpress.org

To fully understand what is wordpress you need to first understand the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org that are very different things. WordPress.org is the software side that you can download and install on your web server but WordPress.com is a commercial product where you can create a website in a couple of minutes without the need for web hosting or any other resources. Usually When people talk about WordPress and those 70 million websites they are thinking about wordpress.org because the .com version is just a side project and is not directly related to the same company that makes the open source software.


When you are using WordPress as your main engine for your website you can change the look and feel of your website with just a couple of clicks with the help of Themes. If we would compare a website to a car then the theme would be the way a car looks but WordPress would be just like the car engine that makes everything work properly. There are thousands of free themes available as well as hundreds of thousands of paid themes that you can get and you just have to choose the right one for you needs and requirements. Usually when you buy a theme it will stay on your website for a couple of years but if you don’t like it you can always change it and get a new theme installed completely changing the look and feel of your whole website.

Plugins & Widgets

Then there are also many other things like plugins and widgets that allow you to customize the look of your website and make various changes without the need to learn coding. You can disable comments, add contact us forms, create a countdown and do many other crazy thing with plugins but with widgets you can dynamically change what is displayed on your website with simple drag and drop functions.

Pages & Posts

And then there are also the main things like pages and posts that you can create with a WYSIWYG editor that looks just like a word processing software. You can create new posts edit the old ones and delete the ones that you don’t like as well as add pictures graphs and many other things. With WordPress CMS you can do all these things with ease and without any additional time requirements.